Why Not?

Why not be like water?

Of all the elements in nature, water provides the strongest metaphor for me. Water is a reminder to not be afraid to pivot, and that things can change shape in an instant. Water reminds me that there is always a way to reach one’s goals and often multiple pathways to getting there. Water always finds the opening. And maybe more intention to those goals, and less attachment to a specific way to achieve them is a better way to go. For me, it’s often allowing for a mindshift to greater levels of adaptability that opens opportunities ~ sometimes out of nowhere. Water teaches me many things…



  • That I can change perspective and often the opening through or around obstacles is found ~ organically, naturally without force and attachment.
  • To seek out the secret path that no one has thought about, and it becomes MY path – that tiny opening makes the seemingly impossible, possible;
  • By being versatile in my approach, I can stay receptive to new information, make new choices and be more generous.


Why not be like water? Being fluid is deliberate and also flexible. We need to give ourselves permission to pivot when we get new information. I always recommend being open to changing perspective and approach, and then see what happens. There are always new opportunities to go with the flow. Life isn’t linear.