Why Not?

Why Not Accept… It’s Just Information

Life is a school and a constant feedback loop. It’s talking to us moment by moment through our experiences and interactions with each other and our environment.
We all have, and have had, dreams, expectations and goals, personally and professionally, with clear intentions and paths to make them happen. Our individual life experiences are personal to us, and yet we all know how it feels when life can switch in a moment. I’ve experienced the financial ramifications of my biggest client getting their funding cut, just when I was achieving my own level of financial stability. I’ve had a coup de foudre (hit by lightning/love at first sight) only to have the other person tell me even though they feel everything I do, they “can’t do it.” I’ve watched clients hire people I knew were not right for the position, and then having the client need me to work with them to help clean up the fall out that rippled through their organization (clients, board members, investors).



And, what I’ve learned to do each time is:

  • Not try to make anything or anyone into something it’s not, and to not hold on too tightly – a reminder to me to be fluid;
  • Accept who people are while honoring their potential – and, making choices based on what IS, not on what might be;
  • Use the feedback loop to inform a deeper level of comprehensive thinking and clarity which will often then reveal the pathway to create the next opportunity ~ one often bigger than anything you may have “lost.”


Why Not accept the information being given to us as a gift that takes us out of any illusions we might have. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it costs, sometimes it disappoints and when we can move through all of that – blessing it and accepting it – the information inevitably leads us to something better that we couldn’t have even imagined.