Why Not?

Why Not…Surrender and Make Change Your Ally

Much of my work focuses around supporting people and organizations optimize change/get out of their comfort zone.  I’ve been doing this for myself since my childhood, something I resented for a long time. Until I realized that, like so many childhood lessons, they provide the greatest opportunity for growth. Early on it made sense to stop using the power of my will to fight with life, and instead use it to engage in the reality that was there right in front of me. As presently as possible, moment by moment by moment. And, to try to use the challenge as a door to something greater – a lesson, an opportunity, a promotion, even falling in love.

Perhaps there is an indescribable perfection to life itself, some greater reorganizing principle at work if we would only mindshift and be able to view it this way.

This is is what I learned to do, each time I go through a big change in my life…

• Harnessing mental discipline to help me be fully present to the change, and use the power of my will to participate in the flow, not be in resistance;
• Let go of the illusion that nothing good will happen unless I force it to;
• Leap into the change without being controlled by a fear of the unknown. Instead, welcoming it as the portal to some powerful outcomes.

Why Not shift our perspective to be able to accept the notion that seemingly random, chaotic events may not be devoid of order, or meaning? Why Not try to leap into the disruption or change, walking through the fear of change rather than resisting it? Why Not be open to the possibility that something much more could be in store than what appears on the surface?