Why Not?

Why Not Balance the Masculine & Feminine

Watching all the #metoo on social media makes me deeply saddened and also relieved. I am grateful that the veils are lifting and everything is being seen now. As a woman, I want to be able to be female and not feel like I need to be close my heart, neuter my sensuality or view men as predators. I want to create new dialogues that pull men and women together; I‘m starting by asking myself, my clients, my friends and millenials these questions:

  • What is a different conversation that balances the masculine and feminine energies internally as well as the external expression of these powerful forces?
  • What would free us up to have the conversations we are afraid to have?
  • How can we cherish the unique characteristics represented by both the masculine and feminine archetypal energies?

After multiple conversations over the past 2 weeks, here’s my offer: I want you to be masculine and to dance with me in the magic we call life. I know in this dance we might step on each others’ toes ~ and yes, I want you in this dance with me. I don’t want to emasculate you or to be afraid of how powerful the feminine energy is. I don’t want you to be confused or feel like you are walking on eggshells. Compliment me, approach me in a polite way in and out of the office, laugh with me. I don’t want you to feel asexual or neutered. I don’t want to feel that way either. What I ask is simple. Why not help us women balance the energy of mysogyny. Try to understand what makes us tick and if you don’t ask us and listen. Stand up for us. Protect us. When you hear another man say something inappropriate say something. When you witness misogyny do something. Take care of it so we can start making the world better and having more fun ~ together.