Why Not?

Why Not? Take an Internal Inventory

Starting with the solar eclipse earlier this year and then continuing into the fall, I’ve experienced a reckoning of sorts with myself ~ where I’ve been and where I am going.  Vulnerable time. Grateful time. Uncertain time.  Magical time.   All of these feelings and experiences coexisting.    Taking stock, realignment to greater alignment.   Blessing. Acceptance. Releasing.  Wishing. Receiving.  Taking stock. Here are some ways  I do so…

  • spend time each day in contemplative prayer
  • keep a journal nearby while praying so I can capture the downloads from Source
  • define everything I want
  • commit to going for it (no procrastinating allowed)
  • make a list of my community and support systems
  • open to a deeper alignment and realignment
  • be vulnerable and honest with myself/others (press repeat and do it again)
  • begin and end each day with a profound sense of gratitude

So heading out of this year and into a new one, why not thank everyone who crossed our paths this year?  After all, no one comes into our wheelhouse by accident?  Why not send blessings and love?  Look closely and find the gift of some awakening that we wouldn’t have had without them? As we take inventory we are creating a greater frequency of Light.  Awareness is a high vibration.  Take stock.  Embrace everything that comes and also everything that leaves.  Process and release old perceptions and allow for new ones.  Get ready to play a bigger game.