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Everything is Energy: Completing 2017 & Creating a Great 2018

It’s the last day of 2017. How are you going to show up today? What realizations do you have from 2017? What did you complete? Who showed up? Who left? Why? Who have been your greatest teachers and lessons? Greatest accomplishments? Biggest disappointments? These are some of the questions I asked myself this morning after meditating. They help me have clarity. Perhaps take a moment to answer them and they will do the same for you.




The energy of 2017 was ruled by the Wheel of Fortune (10) in the tarot deck and the Sun (1). This is the energy of elevation from a humble position and sometimes fall from a high position. What were your ups and downs this past year? It is also the energy of unexpected fortune, expansion, creativity and experiences that call on all of us to speak from and listen to our hearts. What is your heart telling you to day on this last day of the year? What is your soul longing to create in 2018 and why? Read more …

Kelley Black talk about being a Transformation Catalyst at the SecondHouse Club at SoHo House

How to Find Silence in the Noisy Season: Kelley Black for Covey Club

How to find silence in the noisy season from Covey Club on Vimeo.

Selected 1 of the HATCH 100

Honored to be selected as 1 of the HATCH 100, converging to mentor and #HATCHaBetterWorld #HATCHBigSky

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Women to Watch Interview with Kelley Black

Women to Watch™ Media, LLC. interview with Kelley Black, Transformation Catalyst