"Trust your internal voice
The one inside you
It's all written there
You've been here before
Your wits will guide you
There's only one of you."

Kelley Black

Life is happening through us not to us. How we feel, how our life works (or doesn’t), is a reflection of our inner life. Our external life is a reflection of our inner life – mindset and feelings. It is this very InnerSense that is infused in, and dovetails with, each aspect of my life, whether personally or professionally. As one of my clients often says, “we don’t leave work behind when we leave the office, and we don’t leave home behind when we go to work.” It’s all “Life” and Life is a 24/7 proposition, and I am grateful to be able live and lead from my heart and help others do the same.


The flow, alchemy and magic that occurs from this place continues to inspire and teach me – to lead me to places, people and experiences I never would have imagined. To learn from the past and not hold onto it. To be fully present to each moment. When we each can nurture and enhance our unique alchemy, when we are connected to our most natural and authentic InnerSense we are able to access and express our “true selves” and uplevel ourselves and the world.