"We are born to love and be loved. A person without love is like land without water. Nothing can grow there."

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

The word NAAM refers to the sacred creative sound current. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry has developed a unique, practical system of self-healing called NAAM YOGA®, which unites many spiritual doctrines of the East with Western mysticism, healing arts and yogic practices.


NAAM Yoga class



The Wednesday class for women in New York City is the customized application of these powerful teachings to help woman listen to, and align with, a deeper connection to your intuition, self-acceptance and the power that comes through connecting to the Divine Goddess within.


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“Kelley is the positive transformer.“

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Harmonyum Level I

Harmonyum Level II

NAAM Yoga Therapies Training I

NAAM Yoga Therapies Training II

NAAM Yoga Therapies Training III