Cherchez la Femme….

In 1949, Simone de Beauvoir wrote in The Second Sex that, “One is not born a woman, but becomes one.” This is also my absolute truth and personal experience. At some early point I came to understand that this journey in giving birth to myself would not happen alone. And I have been fortunate to have been nurtured by powerfully feminine women who showed me that to be a powerful woman was to fully embrace being one. We surely do not become women, by ourselves.


Kelley Black


My mother used to say to me, “Decide what type of woman you want to be. If you are really connected to you, to who you are, then you don’t have to make a big fuss about it. People will feel it when you walk into a room. The way you make them feel will move everything, and you won’t need to try to do it. You will be it.”


What my mother was talking about, without realizing or knowing it, is Shakti.


Shakti is the divine cosmic energy that, regardless of gender, represents the dynamic, creative feminine forces that is said to move the entire universe. Shakti is not only responsible for creation, she is also a powerful agent of change and catalyst to awakening human consciousness. This energy is also drawn upon to destroy lower consciousness and forces in order to restore a greater alignment with truth, wisdom and love.


I believe this Divine Feminine Goddess energy is something that lives in every woman. It is power, not force, and the key to empowerment. And yes, if not nurtured, it can also lie dormant. Each one of us knows how it is when we feel separated from our full selves. From our Shakti.


Many of the women with whom I work are longing to connect with this Divine Feminine Goddess energy. They have a knowing that when they are pulled too far into the masculine energy – driving, moving, controlling, dominant, overly analytical – a certain freedom, flow, flexibility and intuitive intelligence is lost. And, they realize that external force does not equal power. True power comes from cultivating an internal life and listening to the small, still voice in our hearts.


Personally, my path to connect with Shakti was ignited by embracing fully being a WOMAN. The more I followed my heart-wisdom rather than “have to” or “should,” and the more I trusted my intuition and supported it with my intellect (in that order), and the moment I dropped people pleasing and understood “NO” is a complete sentence, my connection with Shakti became more fully expressed. The result: my life expanded and flowed. I exerted less effort and achieved more. Then I experienced really being a powerful woman from a deep internal space connected to my I AM. And this I AM became the grounding truth of my existence.


I share my Shakti journey, in my book, This Luscious Life.


This is why I teach the Wednesday Shakti Naam Yoga/Meditation for Women Class. To learn more about how Naam Yoga can help connect you with Shakti, please click here.


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