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"Kelley makes everyone in an audience feel that she’s talking to them one-on-one — electrifying."

Christopher Meyer, Founder, Nerve



How Two Dimensional Diversity Can Drive Innovation for yourself, Your Team and Your Organisation with Panelist Kelley Black


How to find silence in the noisy season from Covey Club on Vimeo, December 2017.


Business Innovation Factory: The Heart of Innovation, October 2016


Honored to be selected as 1 of the HATCH 100, converging to mentor and #HATCHaBetterWorld #HATCHBigSky


I am always excited whenever I am asked to speak to a large group. The opportunity to connect dynamically with a group as a whole and with each individual always feels special. Their energy that occurs in a group setting and the dynamic interplay between audience and speaker is powerful for us all. While interactive speaking energizes me, It’s often the aftermath when people wait on line to talk to me, that I feel how amazing it is to touch another person’s heart and what opens up when we all access our heart intelligence. The often immediate willingness to step out of our comfort zone and mindshift into a broader perspective is awe inspiring to witness.


The heart of innovation


I love meeting people wherever they are, at whatever place they are in their lives with an unconditional curiosity. Listening to how people are touched by another’s experience and story proves the Universal Truth that we are all interconnected. Sharing our stories and experiences; allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, with authenticity and heart, gives us all permission to create beyond our immediate reality and perceptions of ourselves and others.  This is the magic that occurs when I speak to groups.


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I love finding the right match between the subject of a speech, and the audience. Among the subjects are: Enlightened Leadership, Shakti: The Innate Power of the Feminine, Personal Leadership, InnerSense, and Creating and Sustaining Collaborative Cultures.


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