My Manifesto

“Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our full potential.”

Jane Goodall

I believe in “heart wisdom.”


At the foundation of my life and work is the commitment to help people and organizations access and act upon this wisdom. It is the truth of our soul, that “inner knowing” of who we truly are. The connection with why we are here, and what is our purpose. The wisdom to recognize the opportunities, people and places that will support us in that purpose. Its our deepest awareness and authenticity, and the courage to have both.


There are many ways to access heart wisdom – the voice is found in those Aha Moments that don’t shout, and instead whisper. It’s that very whisper that is unrelenting and never goes away until you listen – and, then act.



Feeling My Way.


I have always felt my way through life. For me it’s simple. If I don’t feel it, I won’t say it or do it. And, when I try to just do things purely from the brain, and not my heart, the magic is gone, and the results are not nearly as profound for me. I cherish the opportunity to encourage people to have their beliefs challenged, to be open to other perspectives and to getting out of the comfort zone. It’s in that place that heart-wisdom is found. Sometimes it’s simply listening to a favorite song, that’s what will do it. It can be anywhere.





What moves me every morning is an intense gratitude for another day. Another day is the chance to follow my heart and extend that heart wisdom out into the world. Simply waking up in the morning is a gift and one that isn’t guaranteed. Starting my day with a meditation on gratitude and asking myself, “what are we going to do today?” is the best prescription for me. I believe that a fully lived life and purposeful work is accessed through the truth of one’s heart ~ moment by moment.


The 4th Dimension.


I believe in the profound power of the human heart to access a higher energetic frequency – the proverbial “4th dimension” – a consciousness beyond fear; beyond the clutter of what is immediately in front of us and our automatic conditioning. The human heart and its wisdom enable greater clarity, more courage, comprehensive thinking and the ability to see the best in people. It is in the heart where the seeds of innovation are found.



The Power of Women.


I believe in the profound power of women to lead the world back to it’s heart. And, that first we must find our own heart truth and not be afraid to follow it to greater playfulness, generosity, compassion, collaboration, vulnerability and, ultimately, authenticity and power. I believe in a new feminism that honors gender differences and views them as complimentary, not oppositional, energies.



I’m not interested in “fitting in.”


What I AM interested in is transformation to higher ground. To contributing to creativity, beauty, innovation, comprehensive thinking. To game-changing enlightened/ conscious leadership and elevating the conversation around diversity, change management, culture creation and personal leadership. I believe that language matters. That there is power in words and that the best leaders know how to use them -authentically, transparently and from their hearts. Ultimately, I believe that life is happening through, not to, each of us and that we have the power to make or break ourselves and each other through how we manage our internal space or not.

As Henry James said, never say you know the last word about any human heart. So, when all is said and done, I believe that truly nothing is more powerful than the wisdom of the human heart. It has birthed the innovations, social movements and decisions that have changed the world for the better – and this is why the wisdom of the heart matters. Ultimately, it is our hearts that will lead us to serve something bigger than just ourselves.