Balancing The Executive Life
Eliminate Overwhelm. Experience Your Highest Operating State.
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"Kelley and I met at the request of a client who asked each of us whether we would be willing to work together to help them with an intractable blend of strategic and leadership challenges. The company’s founders wanted a blend of strategic, business operations, and executive coaching skills, and thought that together we could provide them.

It’s a challenge for practitioners, each with decades of experience but differing backgrounds, to work harmoniously, but Kelley’s openness, ability to see a question from many angles, and depth of experience made it easy for us to understand each other’s point of view, establishing the basis for a powerful and creative partnership. And Kelley brought unique strengths essential to the success of the engagement: the ability to sense an executive’s moods and motivations and the steeliness to share difficult truths with our clients—in just the way they could best learn from them. Her professional dedication to the client’s needs was remarkable, exactly what was needed to manage the several crises over the two month engagement. I could not wish for a better partner—to ensure the success on the client’s behalf, to learn from, and to work with."

- Christopher Meyer, Founder and CEO NERVE LLC, Author, Standing on the Sun

Highest Operation State


executive coachingBalancing the Executive Life executive coaching synchronizes the heart and brain intelligences creating an energetic shift leading to flow, synchronicity and alignment.  We believe that “whole” leaders ~ people with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical capacity to recalibrate business assumptions, self-limiting beliefs, perceptions and behaviors ~ are your best resource in chaotic business environment. 

The future of business is pure chaos. Balancing the Executive Life executive coaching fosters leaders with the mindset for revelations, evolution and alignment; they adapt easily and are able to thrive not merely survive in chaos.  If you want a comprehensive system to better performance and coping with the challenges of a leadership role, this is the executive coaching program for you. 

Do your leaders or high potentials report that they burn out? Spend too much time on their business? Sacrifice personal health and well being for the business? Have trouble leading through change?  Experience amygdala hijack, a major factor in limited emotional intelligence? Have trouble adapting to a chaotic, uncertain business environment and recalibrating their business assumptions accordingly? Have trouble adapting their communications style to more powerfully influence, engage and mobilize people at all levels within your organization? Need to raise the bar on executive presence by treating communication as a critical process and every communication vehicle as an opportunity to impact outcomes?

Our proprietary coaching methodology is an unparalleled fusion of best practices in leadership, management, communications and brain technologies to create desired outcomes during chaotic times.  We help your leaders win their inner game by being more relaxed, tapping into peak performance, and eliminating overwhelm in chaotic times.

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